Why Royal Circus?

Our company was founded on two main goals:

  1. Make it easier for customers to create home environments that reflect their own unique individuality.
  1. Make the journey that gets you there refreshingly fun and memorable.

We believe it’s possible to become a happier, healthier version of yourself when you feel a genuine connection with your surroundings. We’re here to help you trace the evolution of your personal story through eclectic, unexpected combinations. Contrast. Juxtaposition. Beauty. Surprise.

If this sounds like you, take heart. Know that there are others who think and feel the same way about these things. You are not alone.

Our flagship store opened its doors to the world in Spring 2018. If you haven’t yet been able to visit us in Nashville’s vibrant Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood, hopefully you’ll get the chance soon.

An ever-changing collection.

Most of the furniture you’ll find at Royal Circus new. It is made by hand – created by people who know what they’re doing, and who still take real pride in their craftsmanship. We typically order products in small batches (sometimes a batch might be just a single piece). They are sourced from our favorite workshops in India, Indonesia and North Carolina.

You’ll also find antiques peppered throughout our shop. These range from industrial to exotic to quirky. It’s different from week to week, so you just never know. If we happen across a piece that gets us excited, we figure there’s an excellent chance our customers will love it as well.

There are no algorithms behind what we do. We’re powered by passion, serendipity and strong coffee.


Earth-friendly shopping.

One of the easiest, most obvious steps you can take to use less resources is also one of the most basic: purchase only those things which are made to last, and designed to provide lasting joy and satisfaction.

This guiding principle is evident in our design approach. It also influences decisions on everything from build quality and material choices to finishing methods. We also use the bare minimum packing materials needed to insure that a product arrives safely at its destination.

Let’s all keep working to treat this beautiful planet as if it’s the only one we have. Because, well...guess what?

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