And the Furniture Starts Rolling In.

The first shipment from India just arrived, and it’s even better than we expected.

Yes, a fully packed truck holds a whole lot of stuff.

Even when you spend years nurturing a dream, the experience of watching it finally come to life can be somewhat jarring.

Don’t get me wrong. This is a magical time for the extended Royal Circus family, and we’re beyond grateful for the opportunity to finally be here. Still, reality is really, uh, real.

One of the biggest surprises came on Friday, in the form of a fully laden 18-wheel truck. The truck arrival itself wasn’t surprising. But after spending a half day unloading our first shipment of furniture from India, we now understand firsthand how heavy a lot our furniture can be.

Not a bad thing, but a powerful reminder of how much today’s typical products have been stripped down, hollowed out and minimized to accommodate the free-shipping and price-war mentality that has begun to define mainstream shopping in our society.

 Some of our Indian industrial pieces + real-deal Hollywood lights.

Some of our Indian industrial pieces + real-deal Hollywood lights.

As we heft each of these pieces, we realize that there’s a lot to be said for heavily built furniture. It possesses a timeless character that I normally associate with antiques. We’re talking solid, hand-welded iron and steel. Real hardwoods vs. engineered wood products. Rivets. Hand-stitched leather.

This black credenza weighs approximately one million pounds.

Frankly, some of these treasures aren’t all that easy to move (or ship). But they have sufficient gravitas to become cornerstone pieces that can define and anchor a room. They are solid, substantial and satisfying to own, harkening back to a time when things were truly made to last for years and years.

Geoff taking our first product shots for social media.

I’m a big fan of things that get better with age, and I think the types of products we’re pulling together for Royal Circus will age really gracefully. From modern artifacts that clearly exude the unmistakable charm of handmade individuality, to timeworn 19th-century antiques sourced from Tibet and beyond, this is furniture worth hanging onto for the long haul.

In my next installment, I’ll share the story behind the incomparable vintage movie lights that also arrived this week (you’ll spot some in the pics above). Still lots and lots to do before we open our doors to the outside world, but it appears that will happen somewhere in late April. Look forward to seeing you soon.